Scullery was a common name for the kitchen when we grew up in Scotland and England, its an old word that referred to the maids kitchen or where you did the pots and pans. The kitchen was our Scullery, we spent most of our time there as kids.

Growing up in Scotland we would have supper of toasted cheese which is essentially our version of Welsh Rarebit that we now proudly serve in our very own scullery right here in the Tenderloin S.F. 

The tenderloin was an easy choice for our first venture into Coffee, we have been serving  this community for thirteen years in the bar/restaurant business and wanted to continue working here but in a new capacity with incredible organic coffee and amazing S.F. bakers.

The tenderloin has been in our story from the day we arrived in S.F. and was nothing like the Hip area it has become today. While we strive to serve our new customers we also want to provide a great new sustainable option for the long time residents of this amazing and changing community. We have worked in this area for 26 years, our first apartment being across the street from Scullery when the area was mostly Asian bars and restaurants.

Sharon and Jason Lindley live and work in S.F. with their two children Oliver and Nico and loving dog Hunter.